About Our Classes 


From pregnancy to preschool…

Our classes provide a progressive series of evidence-informed programming based on the latest research in the field of child development.

Our curriculum is designed to be both fun and informative and is unique in that it designed both for the parent as well as for the child.

For the child we use play, music, and a variety of interactive learning experiences to stimulate healthy development and foster the parent-child bond. 

Our goal is to educate and empower parents (and parent's to be!) with the knowledge and skills they need to support that development and to overcome the common challenges that arise in the early years.


Prenatal Hoots

Parenting Prep

baby hoots

0 -12 months

wee Hoots

12 - 30 months

Wholeplay is so much more than your average mom and baby group. And it goes beyond baby music classes. Each session provides an opportunity for me to connect with my son while singing and dancing with him, and also allows me to ask questions about his development in a knowledgeable environment. In a time when there is so much information to sort through, it is great peace of mind being able to hear from an expert first hand, while also being able to connect with a great group of moms and dads!
— Julie