Wholeplay was born out of our experiences running play-based programs for parents and young children at Children’s Mental Health Centers.

Although those programs were specifically created to support women and young children who had experienced trauma, we soon began receiving phone calls from “everyday, average parents” wanting to sign up.

That’s when we discovered that many of the programs available to “everyday, average parents” were over-crowded and under-satisfying, sometimes keeping kids entertained, but not doing much to foster the parent-child bond or well-rounded development.

Unfortunately the end result was that young children weren’t getting the enriching learning experiences necessary for a healthy start in life, and parents, while trying their best, were still feeling under-informed, under-supported and disconnected.

We decided to take action and develop Wholeplay, an early childhood development and parenting service that is specifically designed for everyday, average parents wanting a high-quality learning and development experience for themselves and their children.

What makes Wholeplay unique is our belief in the need to use an integrative approach to support both the parents and the child as a whole.
— Mary Elizabeth Picher, Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Expanded from first location in 2010 to now serving clients across North America.
  • Successfully lobbied governments for family-friendly policy & legislation.
  • Provided expert analysis to millions via international news and media outlets.
  • Created partnerships in Tech, HR, Public Health, Education, and Media sectors.
  • Leadership in the Child Development field through research and innovation.
  • Thousands of happy parents and children who now make up our alumni!